Ultimate Beverage Holder Liquid Caddy XL


Three unique mounting devices allow the Liquid Caddy to be attached virtually anywhere:

* Velcro mount with non-slip pad and velcro extension
* Suction cup mount
* Clip mount
* Clamp mount


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It’s time to stop spilling your beverage all over the beautiful carpet of your boat. While traditional beverage holders are stationary and can’t accommodate the bumps and waves you constantly face on the water, the Outkast Liquid Caddy features a specialized, gimble action mount that keeps your beverage upright and virtually spill free throughout your day. The Liquid Caddy’s twist-and-pull design allows it to hold up to a 24oz bottle, and it can even be tightened enough to hold your keys or cell phone, and keep them dry and safe. Neoprene insulation also ensures your beverage stays at its desired temperature up to 3 hours longer than the conventional cup holders. Extremely versatile, the Liquid Caddy can mount on any type of fishing boat, speed boat, personal watercraft, even canoes and paddle boats! Available in several colors, easily store and keep beverages cold with the Outkast Tackle Liquid Caddy.

Standard – holds up to 24oz mugs
XL – holds 32oz tumblers and coffee style mugs