Invincible Marine Snap Drain Plug



  • Twist and snap styles are available in brass and stainless steel
  • Retards rust and particle build-up
  • Forms a vacuum tight seal around the mouth of a drain


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Invincible Marine Br54843 Brass 1-1/4-Inch Snap Drain Plug Will Not Jar Loose, And Forms A Vacuum Tight Seal Around The Mouth Of A Drain. Made Of Corrosion Resistant Brass, This Product Retards Rust And Particle Build-Up. This Plug Fits 1-1/4-Inch-Inch Transom Drains And Installs In Seconds! Avoid Uneven Seals And Leaky Drains With The Efficient 1-1/4-Inch Snap Drain Plug. This Product Works Like A Cork, Keeping Water From Leaving Or Entering A Drain. Similar Plugs Are Used On Vessel’S Live-Wells Or Drainage Plugs. Whether You’Re Outfitting Your Boat For The First Time, Or Replacing Well-Worn Nautical Parts, This Product Is An Essential Accessory For Your Boating And Domestic Needs, And Is Perfect For Nautical Journeys And Mechanical Maintenance. Precision And Reliability Are The Marks Of Quality That This Product Has Proven Time And Time Again, Guaranteeing Steadfast Performance With Each Use. The Invincible Marine Br54843 Brass 1-1/4-Inch Snap Drain Plug Comes With A 1-Year Limited Warranty And Protects Against Manufacturing And Workmanship Defects. Rugged, Tough And Reliable, Invincible Marine Is Well-Known For Their Hardworking Nautical Line. For Freshwater And Saltwater Boating, Invincible Marine Designs Products For Avid Fishermen And Weekend Boaters. Quality, Utility And Innovation Go Into Every Invincible Marine Product Giving You More Time On The Water.