Daiwa Tatula SV TW


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Daiwa’s Tatula SV TWS Casting Reel lets you effortlessly switch small lures and heavy rigs without opening any side plates or swapping reels. The SV concept and spool use the phsics of rotation through the various RPM ranges spools experience during casts. This means when the spool is rotating fastest, it breaks free of the brake’s magnetic field to spin freely. When the spool slows down, it settles back into the magnetic field and brakes are applied based on the size of your lure. Now there’s less adjusting, less backlashes and longer casts. Lightweight Duralumin SV spool uses an air-brake system to control light lures, perfect for throwing finesse and hair jigs. T-Wing System straightens line angles, reducing friction against the aperature no matter where the line is positioned during the cast. Hassle-free air brake system uses an extremely sensitive inductor rotor and lightweight spool to minimize backlashes and increase casting accuracy. Lightweight Zaion gear housing and rigid aluminum frame deliver powerful durability. Smooth Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) delivers consistent pressure up to 13.2 lbs., giving you the confidence to battle tough fish. Nine bearings plus an instant anti-reverse roller bearing deliver silky smooth performance. Seven stainless steel ball bearings and 2 corrosian resistant ball bearings.